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Although you can find all this info listed on our homepage, we’ll repeat everything here, just in case.

So please, drop us a quick line, message or call. Most importantly, be sure to tell us a little about yourself and the type of trip you envision, so we can best help you plan a perfect trip.

When are you planning on traveling? How long of a trip are you thinking about? What time of year do you plan to visit Costa Rica? How many people will be travelling with you? Will you be traveling with children? If so, what ages? Do you have any specific interests or hobbies that you want integrated into your trip?

What do you absolutely have to see and do while in Costa Rica? What would you want to take a pass on? Are there any destinations, experiences or activities that you’ve heard or read about that most interest you? How much activity and how much relaxation are you looking for during your vacation? Do you have a target budget, or specific types of hotels, lodges and resorts that you are accustomed to?

So don’t be shy. The first step towards planning your perfect trip is to contact us. Together, we can take it from there….

Rio Celeste waterfall and surrounding trees